Saturday, 30 July 2011

Translation One


As I have previously mentioned my blog currently has no purpose so here is the first translation which I have done. Some of you may be aware of the recent train crash in China others not. But let’s see how the government are dealing with it over there.

A government announcement to media outlets.
Important news leak: All writings regarding the Wen Zhou high speed train accident including all websites  must immediately suppress news so it’s not in focus, front pages on this also cannot be allowed to be accepted, news centres can only keep one latest news item about the train incident, they cannot publish any discussions. Forums, blogs, Weibo (Chinese equivalent of Twitter) cannot introduce any topics about it, online forums of all types will rapidly take control of their front pages, TV and radio channels headlines have already submitted to these requirements, the blogosphere has submitted to this, those who do not submit to this by this afternoon will be notified of the requirement to submit, the blogosphere and Weibo will then resolutely be deleted. Every website should immediately carry out the demand of this notice, carry this out within half an hour, after half an hour check again to ascertain the situation.
This translation show actions taken with regards to news of the train crash spreading. What makes it more upsetting is that it appears to have been a preventable disaster. 

If we look at the front page of newspapers online today we can see who has followed these instructions and who has not. Most websites have a list of headlines the main ones are as follows. 

中华人民共和国中央人民政府 The Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China. front page is about Sierra Leone. 

Yahoo China’s front page is on Shanghai’s subway.

Sohu’s front page is on Shanghai underground.

MSN China’s front page is focussed on the shooting in Norway.

Xinlang’s front page has a list of headlines the highlighted one is about Hu Jintao’s speech on the history of the communist party.

南都周刊S. Weekly in English and is the exception it has its main articles all on the train crash showing they have disregarded this letter. This is easy to access lots of articles and many pictures.

Xinhua’s headline reads “Three kinds of pension insurance which one suits you.”