Saturday, 23 July 2011

Writing or more precisely typing space.

I saw the article entitled Writing Spaces by Happy Whisk and thought that it would be a good idea for us to show our writing/typing spaces. I have finished University and am no more writing in the university library but have moved into my mum's house into the spare room with my wife. The place quite frankly was a mess when I moved in and after a few days of solid tidying we have made it much better. So here is a picture of where I do all my work from translations of articles Chinese to English (purple folder on the left hand side) to light hearted scribblings of characters (brown leather book on the right) the external hard-drives are filled with films and old work, essays and the such. A picture of graduation which is a recent addition and a picture from a holiday a few years ago. The pile of books on the left next to my joke birthday presents of Thomas the Tank Engine and the Play-Doh. The odd looking glass thing on the right is actually a smashed car windscreen which was bound into that shape there is a bulb in the centre which light it up in the evenings. The game of jenga is for when I'm bored or stuck on something. The second picture shows another addition my sister's cat "Tinkerbell" if I were to explain the relationship between the cat and I it would have to be like the relationship between Frasier Crane and Eddie. Although I don't really like it I would be heart broken were something bad to befall it.


  1. I love seeing where people write. Great desk. Very nice. Is that a Christmas tree in the corner? Not that I can talk, I have Halloween stuff out all year round.

    Bagels are out of the oven and cooling. They smell fantastic. Hope you're having a yummy day as well.

    Happy Blogging. Happy Writing.

  2. That's not a Christmas tree it's the car windscreen which was smashed into small pieces its actually a lamp now. Chicken in white wine sauce with rice for dinner. My culinary skills are no-where near as good as yours

  3. I tell ya, it still looks like a tree.

    I never cooked with wine but I love chicken and brown rice with a creamy non-dairy sauce.

    Num num num.