Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Clown in the night.

I thought a break should be taken from explaining the world my characters live in and thought I would enclose a short story. There are many different ways of ruling an area. The one below is in a city just after a strict order has moved in and removed any form of entertainment.

Night fell and the city was quiet. The lockdown was working, the king’s new rules were implemented and all of those caught out of their houses would be punished. That's how it was to be. People would wake do their work, eat, sleep and that was final. Soldiers patrolled the streets. People should all be asleep now and any noise from anywhere or anyone was stopped with an iron fist.

The only noise that could be heard was the breath of the guards as they were patrolling and the night time chirping of insects. They turned a corner and saw a figure wearing bright red and yellow. He had a large hat with bells attached to them.

“Halt.” The sergeant ordered.The person shook his hat and the small bells rang. The figure wasn't moving, the patrol moved forward. “What’s your name?” the sergeant asked under baited breath. This was the kind of person he hated. The city was so much better off now that the new order had moved in. The new king had been crowned. There was no alcohol, no smoking, no homelessness, no rich and no poor. There was a small resistance especially when the pubs and bars had been shut down. They were not necessary. Nor was music or art. Science, hard work and magic were all that was needed. They would build and trade. A land of workers.
Then in front of him wearing non regulation clothing smiling wearing makeup and bells was this…. This clown.

“What’s your name lout?” the sergeant asked.
“Lout. You just said my name, it is lout.”
“No I’m saying you are a lout for breaking the curfew.”
“Well you are out past the curfew too.”
“So you have a document signed by the chief of guard do you?”
“Yes it is right here.”
The clown pulled out a sheet of paper, it was an application to break the curfew. The sergeant snatched it out of his hand.
“Well Lout it hasn't been signed explain that.”
“I was on my way to the chief of guard when you told me to halt so if you let me go and get it signed…”
“We are taking him in boys.” 

The sergeant moved to grab the clown who instantly jumped back avoiding his grasp. He pointed his arms to the sky and his arms were also covered in small bells he shook his arms and moved his legs frantically shouting and blowing raspberries. When one of the patrolmen stepped closer to grab him he spun around and leapt back out of reach. When he had taken about five steps he stopped and spoke. “My name isn’t Lout you silly sergeant of severity. My name is Freedom. Can you hear me? FREEDOM.” A cosh whirred through the air straight for his head and as it touched him it went straight through. The clown laughed and slowly started to disappear his being seeming ever more translucent by the moment. The last thing the guards saw before he disappeared was the clowns white backside as he flashed at them laughing.

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