Friday, 11 March 2011

Why the Confederate?

The Confederate is the name of my blog and also the name of a small country in one of my stories.

The Confederate (country)

Fortunately placed as a land bridge between the frozen north and the southern deserts. This nation enjoys great weather resulting in rich harvests. A large bridged river passes through the centre of the Confederate. Because of its ideal geographic location with the great sea to its west and the Spire Mountains to its east the Confederate is a natural trade route between the frozen north and the scorching south. It is not unusual to see many different types of clothing, arts and foods as well as many different races and peoples in the same city on the same day. The Confederate is considered a place of cultural exchange.

The Confederate is an alliance of lords all linked by blood. Their father Baron Uzen is the ruler of the lands, he has divided it between his twenty two children, nieces and nephews, giving them each the title of lord. Each lord runs their land according to their own laws and personal outlook. On their own the lords are weak, Baron Uzen works hard to keep them united and rules over any internal political problems between them.

The Confederate was a quiet place of mutual co-operation, a stopover for land trade and its economy was dwarfed by the great port city of Strang to the north west of it. However, since the city of Strang closed its gates and began invading the surrounding areas along with reports of massacres and untold horrors huge numbers of refugees have been flooding the Confederate which has also seen a huge increase in traders who originally would have made their way to Strang and eventually the north.

Being stretched in every area from basic sanitation and infrastructure to militarizing the border of the Confederate as defence from possible invasion by Strang. This period of time is either the making or breaking of the Confederate, things are changing at a breakneck speed. This will be a testing time of politics between the twenty two lords, their father and the people.

The lords at the border nearest to Strang have recently petitioned others to offer their support either with food or troops. Lord Frederick the youngest and least prepared of the border lords along with his brother Lord Razek have recently signed pacts exchanging Fredericks knowledge of the floating ships for trained military troops to defend his land.

More about Lord Frederick the crafty and Lord Razek the strong in later posts.

The Confederate (the blog)

I chose this name because “The elemental world” sounded too general and “World of Elements” just sounded like a rip off of World of Warcraft. Putting my own name sounded arrogant. I was thinking of a character I had invented but then realised I had more to put on it than details about that specific character.

So although I cover more than the Confederate in this blog it was the best name I could think of.

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