Monday, 28 March 2011

Boardwalk Empire ; Ideas

I had an idea last night. I was watching Boardwalk Empire, don't know if any of you have seen it. The scene when the doctor is writing a report about the gangster and the gangster gets violent. I thought of a criminal organisation where the doctor is in charge but he operates the strings behind the scenes a bit like Ne Win in Burmese politics after he stepped down. The doctor gets to see how they truly behave, promotes the right people and leaves those ones with bad tempers behind. This could result in a gangster getting left behind so causing an internal gangster civil war or the doctor culling those members he thinks are loose cannons. As he is a doctor he can do it without getting caught too. 

It has a potential for a story, I'm sure something else will pop into my head about it soon. 


  1. Hello? Hello? Have you stopped blogging? Hope you're doing well. Happy Summer.


  2. I had stopped blogging because I joined a creative writing group as it soon became obvious to me that my stories were too long to be putting up. I then had revision period for my finals and have just graduated from university. The graduation ceremony was the otherday. so I must be honest and say i'm unsure about what i should write about on the blog now. Thanks for checking up on me though it has galvanized me into action. : )