Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The world of elements

This is the world I have invented for my stories. Many regions populate the world all with different structures for ruling and different outlooks of different peoples who reside in the different lands.

The world of elements: Long ago the all-mighty God created six entities he gave them unlimited power and created them to assist him and be his equal. When they were created they realised they had opposites but instead of building on differences and working together they were filled with the urge to destroy their opposite and began fighting. With their creator giving them no end to their power and making them his equals he hid from their battles, not only disgraced at what they had chosen to become but filled with guilt that perhaps he had made them incorrectly. 

Ages passed in mortal times and the entities started to forge contracts with others. The entities of Earth and Fire formed a pact against the entities of Air and Water the remaining two did no such thing and focussed solely on destroying the other. Darkness and Light remained enemies with no contract possibly to hold them. 

Eventually when no answer could be found and no single entity or group could gain the upper hand they realised that something must be done. They divided areas up, huge expanses of all planes were covered in one of the four entities with alternating light and darkness. These areas were kept separate until the fighting once again started. The world was populated with areas of water, light and darkness alternated more regularly air brushed over the surface and fire sprang up from the earth in areas. 

The battles continued and a second meeting was called. Rules were changed and instead of all planes containing areas of all six entities they divided the planes. Some fell in to permanent darkness, some were light all the time, some full of flames and lava, others just water or solid rock. 

They finally realised that their battles were futile, so they returned back to contract writing and constructing treaties each contributed something to create an entity  which was less powerful as a sign of peace. The being needed air to breathe and water to drink, it needed food from the earth to exist and was imbued with the knowledge of fire to purify the food and water. The darkness and light were needed for the food to grow. Without one of these six they would surely die. So the Dwarves were created. Later on they decided to populate more areas with different variations Elves, Gnomes and Halflings followed they were created for the different areas that had grown into existence. Dwarves lived underground, Elves in the forests, Halflings on plains and gnomes in the mountains. Animals were created with plants to populate this world. The entity of water became jealous as none of the races used the sea so argued for another race. Reluctantly they all returned to the table and created humans who lived on and next to the sea. 

The creations they had made as a sign of peace did not know which entity to follow, they knew that if one withdrew they would be destroyed so they followed none. The all mighty God returned, with fear from the last time he created entities. He made others, more powerful than the beings on the land but less powerful than himself or the entities. These became known as gods and each race took their own god and worshipped them, this did not happen without side-effects however, the all mighty God gave them a choice and did not stop at five gods he continued to create more an more of these gods. These gods in-turn created more and more races, Trolls, Giants, Dragons, Demons, Devils, Angels, Saints populated the world and so it went on. 

Enraged that all of these so called Gods had created their own people the entities in turn created their own people and races. They adjusted the contracts which bound the original races so they could choose to follow an entity and not die. This led to religions of the entities, to entice people they offered special powers to them, as they did this so did the other gods creating magic in its purest form. Many worshipped gods and received the magic as clerics others tapped it through direct knowledge and became magicians.   

This is the world we live in today, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings and Gnomes populate the world with Humans, Orcs, trolls, Dragons and Giants as well as others such as Devils and Demons, Angels and Saints. The elemental people are interspersed in the cities of the world they are originally from the borderlands which are yet to be explored. The gods made the same agreement as the entities so the demons and devils live in the dark realms while the angels and saints live in the lands of light. 

Unique to the entire system the five main races of the world proved they could live together in relative peace compared to the perpetual war of others so were kept together on one plane. This plane acts a balance between the realms of light and dark, were it to tilt its balance too far in one direction all would be lost, all the realms, all the gods and all the entities would fall back into warfare with suffering like no one has seen before. 

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